Advisory Services

Develop a clear digital vision to get on the right path to successfully transform your
bank insurance agency non-profit wealth firm mortgage agency with Salesforce.

Depend on Elastible to Support, Optimize, & Evolve your Salesforce Investment.

Delivering remarkable customer experiences is a journey, not a destination.

Your Salesforce go-live day is just the beginning. The pursuit of outstanding customer & user experience requires constant evolution; with tweaks and enhancements to your processes, platform, and proficiencies needed on an on-going basis.

Enter Elastible

Elastible starts by taking-on the administrative burden of keeping up with the latest Salesforce updates and enhancements to keep your Salesforce instance current. We differentiate, by using our deep industry knowledge to bring platform solutions to your most pressing business challenges while also presenting you with ideas and solutions to maximize the return on your Salesforce platform investment.


What can Elastible's Salesforce Managed Services do for me?

Adapt & Extend your Salesforce Platform

Your business isn’t static, so your Salesforce platform shouldn’t be either. Our Business Support Architects bring their deep industry expertise to design, build, & deploy new solutions to extend your Salesforce platform capabilities to respond to your unique business requirements. Whether implementing changes to support a new regulation, integrating an acquisition, or improving  customer engagement – Elastible has you covered.

Continuous Process Improvement 

No doubt when you initially implemented Salesforce, considerable effort was made to document & update your existing business processes. However, process optimization should not be a one-time effort. As you collect customer & user feedback, you’ll find additional opportunities to create efficiencies. Elastible works with your business users to optimize workflows & enhance processes to maximize productivity and ROI.

Increase User Adoption

Driving return from transformation efforts is often hampered by lackluster user adoption. To mitigate this we take a design-first approach to user adoption, ensuring we put the user at the center of every solution we create. Even the best designed systems can suffer from poor adoption, that’s why we also help drive engagement through tailored training, support, & change management support to grow user adoption & utilization.

Platform Administration

Proactively monitor Salesforce updates & enhancements to maintain & improve your Salesforce platform with a focus on governance, security, and scalability. We can help manage & monitor user access while safeguarding data integrity. We also ensure your Salesforce instance maintains compliance with info-sec policies and industry regulations. 

How Elastible Works

Tier 1

Tier 2+

Unlimited Ad-hoc Salesforce Platform Support

Flexible On-Demand Consulting & Implementation

  • Slack powered Chatbot for incident reporting
  • Issue-resolution collaboration in Slack or other client preferred collaboration platform
  • Dedicated Business Support Architect
  • Weekly planning & prioritization meetings
  • Quarterly Business Reviews where we identify what you should be doing next
  • Squad of Salesforce product-specialized experts implement approved solutions
  • Manage regular backups & data restoration
  • User provisioning & deprovisioning
  • Security and permission set updates
  • Basic configuration changes
  • User adoption reporting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Platform support & troubleshooting
  • Salesforce & third-party app license provisioning & management
  • Complex configuration changes and customizations
  • Custom app, component, and Lightning development
  • Complex data integrations, migrations, and data quality remediation
  • Complex or custom reporting and analytics requests
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, and enhancements of custom code
  • Customization of complex Salesforce products

Available: M – F 7am – 10pm ET / 4am – 7pm PT

Acknowledgement: 1 hour

Resolution: 2 hours

Meetings scheduled during business hours

Acknowledgement: 1 day

Resolution: Varies (dependent on complexity)

Priced as a monthly rate per active Salesforce User.

Token-based capacity pricing at quarterly intervals.

Flexibility to increase capacity within a quarter to respond to unforeseen needs and reduce capacity at the end of a quarter if demand is reduced.

See For Yourself : Book a Health Check

Is your Salesforce platform feeling a little sluggish? 

Maybe it’s time for a checkup!

Elastible’s Salesforce Health Check is the perfect way to diagnose any lurking issues before they become serious. We’ll thoroughly inspect your configuration, security, and performance to identify areas for technical improvement. On the business front, we’ll check under the hood for inefficient workflows, bloated processes, and bottlenecked adoption. We will also include areas where we see that you are underutilizing your Salesforce investment for potential quick-wins to boost ROI. 

At the end, you’ll receive a detailed report summarizing the health of your org and our recommendations for optimization.

How do I know if Salesforce Managed Services is the right solution for me?

Organic or acquisitive growth necessitates flexible Salesforce scale
Lack of specialized skills and expertise with in-house Salesforce team
Insufficient capacity with existing in-house Salesforce team
Increase in demand for Salesforce support requires a larger or dedicated team
In-house Salesforce resources have other responsibilities that require additional focus
Sufficient value is not being realized from current Salesforce investment
Employees & executives require additional training
User adoption is not meeting company targets
Current Salesforce partner is not providing competent support
More cost effective solution than hiring additional full-time employees