About Elding Digital

Our mission is to be a trusted guide enabling our clients to fully realize the transformative potential of Salesforce.

Our keys to success? Engagements lead by consultants with years of industry experience, architects and developers with best-in-the-business Salesforce expertise, and relationships with a carefully curated roster of ecosystem partners… All coming together to ensure our clients are elated with their results. 

Say Goodbye to Traditional Salesforce Consulting

Traditional Salesforce consultants take a reactive, order-taker approach that lacks innovation. More focused on moving on to their next engagement than deploying the right solutions, traditional Salesforce system implementers simply execute tasks rather than actively advise clients on how to improve business processes or adopt emerging best practices. Absent a deep strategic partnership, clients miss out on fresh ideas to enhance their Salesforce platform.

Elding Digital is the Fairy Godmother of Frictionless Salesforce Success

Want to tap into your Salesforce potential without taxing your overworked team? Tired of banging your head against the wall watching your competitors provide increasingly personalized customer experiences while your data collects dust? 

We speak fluent Salesforce and stay plugged into the latest industry trends, connecting the dots to showcase how Salesforce can power your innovation. Whether you’re trying to boost operational efficiency, unlock actionable insights, or scale revenue, we’ve got you covered.

More ROI, less DIY.

Our Culture is Grounded in Client Success

Client success is our core metric. We thrive on helping you smash KPIs by spotting hidden opportunities to unleash Salesforce’s full disruptive potential. We dig deep to deliver solutions that wow.

Why so driven?  Simple – we genuinely care, even when the contract ends. Your growth is our growth. Consider us an extension of your ohana.

And our squad?  We handpick well-rounded humans who make work fun. At our core is a culture of trust, transparency, and acceptance. Our diversity makes us mighty. We’re greater than the sum of our parts.

When you work with Elding, you get a partner who:

  • Isn’t just another consultant – we’re your trusted business partners, laser-focused on your success.
  • Won’t just nod and smile during meetings. We’ll offer candid feedback to ensure complete alignment, even with your C-suite.
  • Geeks-out over the latest Salesforce innovations and best practices. We handpick rockstars who vibe with your organization’s culture.
  • Delivers quick wins to show value fast. Need an MVP in a flash? Responding to a regulatory finding? Want to capitalize on a new trend?
  • Gets fired-up by tough technical challenges. Integrations, data modeling, scalable architectures – bring it on!.
  • Makes giving back part of our DNA. We donate 1% of all billable time to nonprofits, lead Dreamforce & other community sessions, and volunteer in our communities.

Our Actions are Governed by a Deep Commitment to Our Core Values

Cognitive Diversity

We celebrate the reality that there are multiple ways to think about everything. We operate with the understanding that the way each person interprets and interacts with the world is reflective of their unique identity, culture and personal experiences.


We recognize that while acting honestly & ethically is not always easy, it is the cornerstone of our trusted client & partner relationships. Living the value of integrity means we hold ourselves accountable and accept responsibility for our decisions & recommendations.


We stay true to who we are as individuals and as an organization. We value open and honest communication creating an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable being their authentic selves. Our client & partner interactions are genuine and transparent.


We take pride in anticipating our client’s challenges, taking ownership and presenting solutions. We don’t just think outside the box, we create new ones. Taking initiative empowers each of us to make an impact.


We promote justice, empowerment, and fair treatment for all. We celebrate diversity and work to create equitable systems and opportunities. We challenge bias and remove barriers to inclusion. Valuing equity means we uplift each other and our communities.


We stay eager to learn, grow, and explore new possibilities. We ask thoughtful questions, listen intently, and seek to understand different viewpoints. Our curiosity propels innovation, sparks creativity, and deepens our connections.